The most memorable moments that influenced the scene in 2017

2017 was undoubtedly quite a year. A lot of ups and downs and many changes that have influenced the scene. Here is a quick rundown of what we think are important highlights.

Following a devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico, one of our very own icons of the Hip Hop scene, Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew, took it upon himself to crusade for supporting the island in its time of need. He made sure he used his platform to bring about real change on the ground. He has been committed to fund raising and travelling back and forth to Puerto Rico and his hands on support has been inspirational in and out of the scene.

The Red Bull BC One is one of the most prestigious dance events in the world, with a line up that represents the elite level in the world of Breaking. Hailing from Japan, Ayumi is living testament to the saying ‘hard work pays off.’ She didn’t start breaking until she was in her 20s, is over 30 and recognised as one of the best Breakers on the planet, plus she is also the first female to be invited to the Red Bull BC One World finals.

This year we lost one of our soldiers in the person of David Alvarado aka Mex One. Event creator, Breaker, immigrant, father, commentator and an inspiration to many… Mex One’s legacy is all this and more. He was the mind behind Outbreak and The BBoy Spot and was instrumental in helping many to achieve their goals. A pillar of the Florida scene he was always willing to assist those who needed help or guidance.

Zulu Rema’s story is really what Hip Hop is about. Each one, teach one. Each one, reach one. The legendary promoter behind Freestyle Session, Cros One, somehow became aware of this young Tunisian’s dream and started a fundraiser which was successful and ultimately led to the young dancer obtaining a set of new prosthetic legs. A demonstration that you should never give up and help can come when you least expect it.

KOD (Keep On Dancing), is an event that has hit the scene with a prize money offering of $500k. Yeah, that is correct, $500k! A multiple category dance competition, there are qualifiers in various countries and regions which will end in the world final in China in 2018. The categories are Popping, Locking, Hip Hop Freestyle and Breaking and the winning country has to win a majority of styles to advance. You can find all of the info at Which country will take it home?

This is the era of judging systems. In an attempt to become more professional, many of the elite class events are adopting the use of judging systems. These systems aim to provide a new level of transparency to the judging process. There are various approaches being used but it is definitely a change in the right direction. We will bring you more information about different judging systems and initiatives soon. Stay tuned!

photo by: Parrish (Patrick Grigo) of Bboy Storm using And8 System
cover photo by: Little Shao – Red Bull Content Pool

What were the most memorable moments of 2017 for you? Let us know in the comments!