How to write the perfect event description for ByBase

We have all of your events in our system, but unfortunately, in your description, there may be some missing information that we need to put into the app. Here is a little checklist we would like to give you to write a good event description and make sure that your event will not only be in the app, but will provide any potential visitor with all information they need. We are aware that all of the following are pretty obvious, but it is very important to get it right!

This should be pretty straight forward but just to make sure, we highly recommend avoiding stars, exclamation marks, arrows and any other fireworks that you think are gonna bring more attention to your event. They won’t. It makes it look very amateur. Presentation is important.

Specify the date, month and year. And make sure it is correct. If you don’t, it won’t send a notification to your potential visitors on the day of the event. It wont be shown in the calendar. And also we won’t put it in our app.

40% of the events we haven’t put into ByBase are missing this information.

Put the location of the venue into Facebook, it makes life easier for everyone. Dancers can get directions directly from their phone or from ByBase. If you have several locations, list the one that people will be spending most of the time in (eg battle venue, workshop studio) and specify the rest of the venues in the description. This is absolutely crucial for us to have, we only feature events that have this information provided in the map so it gets found in our filter.

Think about your client. Think of the locals, as well as the foreign visitors that may never have been in your country before.

Start with what kind of an event are you throwing. People already know where it is, when it is and probably who is judging from the flyer. Never assume people will read the flyer to get all of the information. The most important thing is to tell them if it’s a battle, workshop, festival, camp, discussion, party etc. Sometimes it says BATTLE in the event name, but its good to let people know they can expect information about workshops in this description as well. Some promoters create a separate event for workshops. Make sure you put the link in!

A little history about your event wont hurt anybody but may not get read by many either. Make sure it’s straight to the point. People came for information, not for a story.


This event is brought to you by XXXXX…
XXXXX presents 5th edition…

11.11. – Discussion + Preselections + Warm Up Party
12.11. – Workshops + Battles + Afterparty
13.11. – Workshops

Are there several styles or categories? Are there different entrant formats (ie 2vs2 etc?) Is there an age limit? How many people can enter a Crew battle? What is the preselection process and format (showcase or battles, time limit)? Do crews need to prepare a choreography? Do they need to bring music on CD or USB (many laptops don’t have a CD player)? Is there a concept in your battle? Make sure everything is well explained!


3 vs 3 – House Dance Battle
2 vs 2 – Footwork Battle (age: 16+)
Crew vs Crew – All Style Battle (minimum 5 dancers)

Who are the judges? Who is DJing? Who is hosting? Do you want to add their crew? Do you want to add the country they are coming from? Is every judge judging every category? If you have too many DJs and it is not worth specifying who is playing what, just make sure you list them all.


NIAKO (France) – House Dance, Crew vs Crew
DAMON FROST (Sweden/USA) – Popping, Crew vs Crew
LAMINE (France) – Footwork Battle, Crew vs Crew
KAPELA (France) – Footwork Battle, Crew vs Crew

RENEGADE (UK) – Footwork Battle, Crew vs Crew
YUGSON (France) – House Dance, Cyphers


How do the dancers register? Is there is website link? Is it only at the venue? Can one dancer enter all categories? Is there an extra fee for each category?

How much is the event? How much is it for visitors? Are kids for free? Is it in a club that is 18+? Is there a whole event pass? Do people pay for the party separately?

How much can a dancer win? If it’s a qualifier what is covered? Flights, food, accommodation? Please on behalf of all dancers, specify what 10K in cash+prizes means? Are they winning 100 dollars and 200 t-shirts?

WORKSHOPS – who, how much, where, what time, registration? LINK?

PARTIES – dj, music, where, how much, what time? LINK?

DISCUSSION – who, topic, submitting questions, where, what time? LINK?

EXTRA PROGRAM – concerts? fashion show? chill out zone? suitable for children? photography workshop?

 Pretty simple right?
Oh, and make sure you share your event so that it is PUBLIC!