Videos of the month: May

Bboy Shigekix in LA for Freestyle Session

With the upcoming Olympic Games, Yak Films decided to bring some spotlight at one of the biggest favourites. The video has been shot during the freestyle session in LA and it is evident that Yak Films are stepping their game up with every video! We highly appreciate their cinematography even in these short pieces and their recent addition of drones that just add to the storytelling of their production.

The ELEMENT of Waydi, Rochka and Diablo


Another video from Yak Films production and French dancers is Shanghai. It seems like it has been shot during the same trip as the previous video that also featured Kendrick Lamar’s song. High quality production, music, colors, composition, dance and cinematography seems to be the standart for Yak these days. You can also see the cameos of Nelsona, Bruce Ykanji and Marvin – all essential players of the French scene.

Geometry variable army

As you may have noticed, we are fans of Geometry Variable, this is maily due to their focus on the visual and symmetrical aspect of presentation. In this video, that has been shot after a workshop, you can see a group of dancers doing a routined in the streets of Montpellier. Big up to kprodz for capturing this and to Zuri Akoko for the music.
The Geometry Variable team are back and now with a whole team of people playing with lines and dance geometry


A birds-eye-view piece by B-boy Rubberlegz and Wewolf. This is a very visually pleasing piece that combines soothing music, colours and concepts in a very poetic way. The whole pieced is named “Doomed” after a song by Moses Somney. Big shout out to the whole production team that stands behind this video and to the choreographers, it is extremely complex to create such pieces with a post-production in mind.

Emotional line

Popping dancers from Korea have come together and created this piece called Emotional Line which took first prize for best show at Dance Delight Vol.4 in Korea. The choreography is done to a piano song and display high level of musicality within a dance as well as a group formation.

Photography: Yak Films