Videos of the month: March

Blesh Forever

Little Shao: The story behind this video…At the end of the photo session we did from 1am to 2am in my parking lot, I told Nelson : “Can u please make a quick solo coz I just wanna post a Story on my IG ?” And minute later we had this…
Music by Mofak.

Blesh Night.. ✨By Big Shao Thinh ?Song by Mofak « So Blesh »

Posted by Nelson Ewande on 29. marec 2018


For those who don’t know, Vicelow is not only French artist that is known for working with dancers but he is also founder of Ilovethisdance. The following video is his recent project that features: Ariane Brown, Dykens, Goku, Kevin Table, Mageek Queen, Miss Axoo, Sandrine sainte croix, Zyko. Stay tuned for his EP “MID” that drops on 13th April 2018.

2 Chainz – 4 AM ft. Travis Scott

Yak Films bringing that storytelling back to the videos! It only takes few shots to create an atmosphere for the whole piece. New York City experienced through the eyes of Soraya, Karin and Saki.

Feel Good Vibes

Bboy Nasty Ray, known for his musicality and fresh style repping his own merchandise Culture/Currency that you can find at Yak Films perfectly capturing his movement framed by San Jose’s architecture to the music of “Sharpness” By Jamie Woon (Kaytranada remix).

Géométrie Variable ft Poppin John

We have been posting Géométrie Variable almost every month since we have started this section, but for some reason they have found what works visually, never lacks creativity and creates a good content for video. This time captured by Stance in LA to the music Buygore – Namaste.

King of Hearts

Last, but not least, we present you a showcase choreography by King of Hearts crew from the Philippines, performed at the Radikal Force Jam in Singapore. Check the precision!

Photography: Little Shao