Videos of the month: October


Judges Showcase ft. Rashaad and Future

This talent-filled judge demonstration at Style Dynasty, in Taiwan, is one not to be missed. It consists of some of the world’s top-level Popping dancers: Rashaad, Poppin’ SamMonstapopFuturePopchenJaygee. The ‘Cherry on top’ is the fantastic Struttin’ style routine by Future and Rashaad.

Jazzbetween Us

A Collaboration video between Marina Pravkina representing Matryoshki In Jazz from Moscow, Spunkey BKP (who also directed the video) representing Footlockers and Otec Mirec from Slovakia.  It is a fusion of multiple street dance styles and Jazz.

Vagabonds Crew

The well-know B-boy crew Vagabonds, from France, created this fun-to-watch and creative crew introduction video for the event “Battle of the Year“. The location of the video was the place where the dancers were staying for their last week of preparation for the event. It is a Hip-Hop cultural centre called the “The Flow” in Lille, France.

Geometry Variable #4

Geometry Variable concept video series has once again produced another very creative Tutting style video. Their first video consisted of two dancers only, their third video had three people and now this current masterpiece has four portraying exceptional shapes, lines, connections and angles. Dancers in the video are SadeckKanonZid & Ammar, all hailing from France.

Luciano Hiwat choreography

Luciano Hiwat, who is part of the new generation of very talented Hip-Hop dancers in Holland, has created this great piece with a mix of choreography and freestyle. This is his first choreographed piece and it has successfully made it to our list of videos to check-out this month.