Videos of the month: January

Finger Circus in LA

The guys from YAK FILMS never fail to deliver a good video! Look specifically at the subtle camera movement that highlights the dance. Good colour grading, right aperture, good postproduction (research tilting and panning if you are interested) and you are ready to go! A visually pleasing video with high level finger tutting and great scenery featuring Jayfunk, ET and Ctut.

Thousand-hand Bodhisattva

Even though the project China Disabled People’s Performing Arts Troupe has been established in 1987, the channel Great Big Story just published an inspiring overview of their work. Performing this amazing piece involves intricate choreography and coordination. This performance is even more incredible because all the featured dancers are hard of hearing and all the musicians are visually impaired. Without hearing, dancers use sound vibrations to interpret the beat; without sight, musicians use breathing patterns to keep pace.


This beautiful dance film is about those people who have grown up on an island. It’s about how their heart will always be in the island and portrays their differences between themselves and non-islanders. It was recorded on the Spanish island of Tenerife, featuring the dancer Chey Jurado.

Electro Dance

Take a look and feel the energy of these french dancers, from Alliance Crew, bringing the Electro-dance vibes to Hip-Hop music. The Electro-dance scene was born in 2000 at Paris Metropolis nightclubs and has now made waves amongst France and its youth culture. The energy is captured by Lamine Create.

GS Connexion 1.6

These great geometry videos just keep on coming! Here we have, again, Kanon and now featuring Jibril Maillot both from Ghetto Styles Crew in France. Be inspired by the shapes, angles and the simple editing style that just gives the video the extra touch that makes it enjoyable to watch.

Photography: Yak Films