Videos of the month: Decemeber

2017 bboy highlights by .stance 

One of the most consistent channels in our culture, presents another yearly recap of their favourite rounds. You will see only their own footage from events all around the world ranging from local to the  biggest jams in the calendar. Big up for the stance team!

The Dutch in Jakarta

The Dutch are at it again! This time they have collaborated with some talented dancers from Jakarta, Indonesia. Directed and choreographed by Shay Latukolan. Dancers are Luciano (Lil Blade)MutiaraDef J and Chek Boogie.


A great idea combining dance and visual graphics to accentuate shapes created while doing the Tutting style. The video was made and choreographed by Lil’Puma and features Lil’Puma and ElizaStreet.

KNDRCK Project

This is the fourth episode of the KNDRCK Project by Paris based dancer Joker from Yudat crew. Choreographed by himself again this time it features Zyko SarceliteCyborgMellina and Joker himself. Filmed and directed by Yagooz

George Jeff

This colourful piece was done  to the story about the young kid #GeorgeJeff and his friends by Jaden Smith. Directed & choreographed by Brian Madika. Dancers: Isabella BozdagNyat FredrikssonBrian MadikaJulian Namroud.

Videographer & editor: Tony Hultén