Universal Playground: Platform where creatives meet to express and inspire each other

What started as a way of thinking is for the first time getting its physical representation in form of an event. We have asked Niki Awandee and Bj Piggo to describe the focus of this movement and what creativity means to them. They gave us an answer that is very open to interpretation so all of the visitors can still only assume what exactly will be waiting for them at the festival!

“We have been marinating on this idea for a while” says the initiators Bj Piggo and Niki Awandee. They are based in two different countries but share a lot of common ground. Both influential ambassadors of the streetdance culture locally and internationally. They have been sharing their passion through DJing and dancing all over the world. Now they want to bring in that worldly inspiration into one weekend, one festival.

“The focus is to use playfulness to create an inspiring, safe and challenging atmosphere that puts everyone inside and outside comfort zones simultaneously. It helps people to release mental and physical blocks so creativity can flow freely. Playfulness connects the subconscious and the conscious, brings the focus to the here and now, connects logic and intuition, feeling and physicality that is the spirit that breathes through out this whole festival.

There is so many dance battles right now with the same format, same thing happening, benefiting the same type of people. We hope that this event can bring out a different scenario and expand our scene and the community. Without winners and looser we hope to create powerful moments and life long memories.

The goal is to make all our participants feel comfortable, inspired, relaxed and challenged. To help them tap into their personal creativity, that unique one. That one that can create magic, the alchemist part of each being that exist in all of us weather we know it or not. We want to wake that in people, wake it so intensely that it will never go back to sleep. Just stay in a state of creation, giving to yourself, others and the world.

Universal Playground started with a name before anything else. It became a hashtag on Instagram for every adventure posted from the world aka the playground. We see the earth as our playground, that teaches and plays with us and we with it.

Our physical bodies are earthly and our souls are universal, we are happy to connect the two in our name.

The very first official Universal Playground Festival will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia in mid February. With guests gathered form all over the world to grow and glow and to celebrate diversity in unity.”

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