The Legits Blast Summer Festival is calling all Poppers and Hip Hop Freestyle dancers!

To all my Poppers and Hip Hop Freestyle dancers, I wanted to make sure that you all know that the rumours, facebook invites, website news, and instagram posts, are true!  This year, on July 28th, in the town of Banska Bystrica in Slovakia, the crazy, legendary event that is The Legits Blast Summer Festival, is bringing 1on1 Popping and 2on2 Hip Hop Freestyle battle to the event, for the first time! History is waiting for dancers to make it and become the first popping and hip hop freestyle dancers to ever be crowned the winners of their stand up style, at The Legits Blast! Your judges Loose Joint and Boogie Frantick from America, and Storm from Germany. There is money and prizes to be won; 500 euros plus prizes, for the winner of the 1on1 Popping, and 1000 euros plus prizes for the winners of the  2on2 Hip Hop Freestyle.

But EVERYONE needs to register for the battles online here. Why? Because as dancers we all know that little things like trying to find the registration table at an event, sticking a number on your fresh clothes that keeps falling off, and having to rush to the venue to try and register on time, gets in the way of what we truly came to the event to do. This system gets rid of all of that and makes it simple and easy. Plus the set up The Legits Blast use to do the prelims will blow you away!  They just need you to register online in advance so they can set it all up, ready and waiting for you, to make everything much easier and quicker for all the dancers battling on the day.

So if you’re a Popper or Hip Hop Freestyle dancer who is down to make history, register now! But I know what you’re asking, and the answer is, YES! All the stories of Outbreak Europe and The Legits Blast are true!

Yes, the vibe and hip hop fuelled madness in the videos and pictures you’ve seen is real.

Yes, there is a crazy party in a different venue every single night, that usually goes on until the sun comes up.

Yes, there’s a concert by a legendary hip hop act every year at the main, Saturday night after party! Yes, last year Onyx climbed the stage rigging and screamed for everybody to ‘SLAM!’ As the crowd went nuts. Yes, a mini storm broke out one year while M.O.P rapped up a storm on stage, and everyone still continued to party in the rain, jumping up and down to, ‘Ante up!’

Yes, we’ve had parties in the mountains that involved swimming pools, a band spontaneously breaking out their instruments and rocking out for over an hour, good company, long chats into the night, and gazing at the hundreds of stars in the sky.

Yes, multiple dancers vs dancers basketball games have spontaneously broken out the last two years.

Yes, hustle sessions have gone down in the mall.

Yes, the square always fills up on the first night with dancers from all over the world chatting, chilling, catching up, and making new friends while drinking a beer or a cocktail, as a DJ van pumps out music into the night, and another party for the HLM anniversary, goes on inside.

Yes,  the battles always go off, packed with so many people watching that you better get yourself a good seat from which to view the action.

Yes, the circles go on all day, inside and outside, before, during and after the battles.

Yes, the DJ’s kill it every year and the MC’s back flip of speakers just to get the crowd hype.

Yes there’s chill out zones, bean bugs, games to play and other extras to enjoy.

Yes, food is cheap, drink is cheap, smoothes and frozen yogurt are cheap, and it all taste damn good!

Yes, accommodation is cheap, taxi’s are cheap, trains and coaches to Banska Bystrica from Vienna or Bratislava, are cheap!

And YES! This year the whole event is going down in a Water park! And Das EFX is the headline hip hop act at the Saturday night after party.

But know that Hip Hop lives at The Legit Blast Festival, and that MG and MK (the organisers and promoters of the festival) have added Popping and Hip Hop Freestyle dance to bring the vibe of those styles into the mix, and stir up the chemistry of the event even more.

So sign up online and come experience the vibe, and see what stories you come away with.

And yes, all information and more is on the website, or you can also find it on their instagram page @outbreakeurope or @thelegitsblast.


 All photos from The Legits Blast Official Website.