RedBull TV presents The Break Boys and their return to the spotlight of competitions

THE BREAK BOYS is a new 8 episode long series produced by Redbull TV and Mason Rose.  It follows the dance lives of the well known American B-boys, Kid David (Renegades Crew), Luigi (Skill Methodz Crew) and Casper (Boogie Brats Crew).

The three B-boys competed against each other for years, in their separate crews. Then, in 2012, the three breakers decided to battle together at the legendary Freestyle Session competition in Los Angeles.  Calling themselves ‘Skill Brat Renegades,’ they won the 3on3 crew battle that day and since then formed a close friendship, becoming like brothers, and also started calling themselves, ‘The Break Boys.’

The series follows David, Casper and Luigi’s struggle to stay relevant on a scene where if you don’t battle you may be forgotten. But Kid David now has a passion for acting and performing, which is pulling him away from breaking.  Luigi is finding it increasingly hard to actually just be free and break.  And Casper doesn’t want to compete in breaking anymore but is only doing it to vibe and be around his crew.

In the 8 episodes we see the Break Boys return to battling after almost 3 years, as they attempt to once again win Freestyle Session.  We see their friendship tested when Kid David and Luigi leave Casper behind for a job on tour with Justin Bieber. We follow them on a pilgrimage to New York, where Hip-Hop began, as they meet legendary figures from Hip-Hop history, and try to once again find the inspiration, creativity and drive that fueled them as young B-boys hungry to battle on the scene.  Eventually, everything comes to a head at the world famous IBE (International Breakdance Event) in Holland, where the three go up against the world renowned Dutch B-boys Menno, Xisco and Shane, from Hustle Kids Crew, in a 3on3 Exhibition battle.

An important and constant figure in the lives of the three dancers is B-boy Moshe (Skill Methodz Crew).  Moshe is always there for the Break Boys, who look up to the Muay Thai fighter as an older brother and mentor, and constantly go to him for sage-like advice, honesty, help and perspective.

With life, and a lack of passion and inspiration, pulling David, Luigi and Casper further away from the battle scene that made them, can the Break Boys still find inspiration to train for competitions?  Can they even still compete on the highest level? And, most importantly, do they even still want to compete, or has life moved on for them?

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