Reasons you should be at The Notorious IBE this year

If you’ve never been to IBE you might be wondering if it actually is one of the best events on the scene. Are the battles are as hype as the clips show? Are the moments that go on there really as crazy as the stories you’ve heard? And, is the vibe everything that you imagine? So bring your shorts and a pair of kicks you literally don’t mind kicking in.

Bonnie and Clyde battle will see girls and guys from all styles teaming up to see who can win the day. B-girl Ayumi, Popper Nelson, House dancers Frankie J and Toyin, Locker Gemini and B-girl AT, are already down to battle. For all the House dancers there’s the All 4 House solo battle, and then the fire that is, ‘Break down the House,’ where Breakers and House dancers come together in the original, Kapela and IBE concept battle that has never failed to blow the roof off of whatever cypher it’s hosted in. If you’re a Popper or Locker, In Funk we Trust are hosting battles for each style, plus there’s a 3on3 competition for all the Hip Hop Freestyle Dancers.

And of course, for all the B-Boys and B-girls, this year there’s the Undisputed solo qualifier, the Freestyle Session crew qualifier, the Return of the B-girl solo battle, the Focus on the Footwork battle, the Rugged Crash Bandicoot Trick battle for those that love to throw blow ups all day, and the Holland Red Bull BC One cypher for all the home grown Breakers who want to win a ticket to the BC One finals.

But as much as IBE is full of battles and fuelled by dance the full festival experience encompasses even more. The IBE Culture Market will be in full swing the whole weekend, with vendors selling food, clothes, jewellery, vinyl’s, and other Hip Hop related goodies. You can also get a fresh haircut from Spin the Barber or a massage at the, ‘Protect your Neck,’ stand.

If you come seeking knowledge and discussion, IBE will be bringing its usual set of themed Talk shows, with panels of experienced dancers, DJ’s, MCs, Promoters, and more well known individuals from the scene ready to answer questions and discuss topics on the past, present and future of our scene. For those wanting to learn new steps, try a new style or develop their dance, IBE has its series of Dance Workshops going down, with Red Bull BC One All star, Neguin, doing a Capoeira workshop, and Sir Ledgen bringing the Dancehall flavour to IBE with a workshop on the foundation of the dance.

But we’re not done. If you’re an aspiring or working producer that loves to make those beats, there’s a Producers Get Together with a Beat Making workshop and then a ‘Perfect beat’ challenge, going down.

And of course, when the sun goes down after each fully packed day of IBE goodness, there’s an after party every night at which to drink a little, chill a little, dance a little more, blow off steam, swap stories, and see what crazy IBE after party moment spontaneously happens this year.

If partying isn’t your thing, and you’re looking for a more chilled affair,  with maybe some Hip Hop nostalgia, you can pull up a chair at the last Night Story Session with O.G’s speaking about their experiences in finding and growing up in Hip Hop culture.

So whatever your style or preference, whether you’re a hardcore dancer coming to battle, a Hip Hop head coming to shop and take in the excitement, a fan wanting to see it all live, or someone new to the whole scene and culture wanting to check out one of the longest running, most talked about events in the Hip Hop dance calendar, IBE has something for everyone!

  And we all know that when the Hip Hop dance community come together in one place it’s always a vibe not worth missing!

If you are still not convinced, check out more pics from Little Shao below. 

Cover photo by Nika Kramer