Locking4Life: Who are we and why are we here?

Locking4Life is a concept, created by Gemini and Priska, that seeks to revive Locking by adapting the artform to a whole spectrum of current artistic and musical trends. It acts as a channel for Locking’s raw and authentic spirit and is the link between the current Locking scene, and the world of the early generation of lockers.

Since its initial launch in the mid-2000s, Locking4Life has grown to become one of the largest networks available for those interested in the Locking dance style. It has provided information on Locking’s history and diverse flavours, as well as keeping dancers informed about Locking-related news and events worldwide through various educational and social media platforms.

Their motto: “Respect the past, live the present, build the future” stresses the importance of knowledge, and understanding the full history of Locking, starting from its roots in the early 1970s to the present day. It also recognizes the various artistic potential Locking possesses and seeks to foster newer generations of dancers passionate about Locking and willing to express themselves through the dance in creative, fresh and unique ways.

Any medium that focuses on street dance should include Locking as a fundamental component of their discussion as it is considered one of the earliest modern street dance styles, having been developed in Los Angeles in 1970 by Don “Campbellock” Campbell. For this reason, Locking4Life will be working with ByBase to inform a wider audience on the many facets of the Locking lifestyle. You can expect articles on a regular basis with topics ranging from Locking history, music for lockers, fashion, upcoming competitions, as well as interviews with Locking practitioners from generations past and present, event reviews, videos and much more.

Whether you are an experienced member of the Locking community or are curious to learn more about this dynamic dance style, be sure to check out Locking4Life on ByBase!

FLUKY LUKE The Lockers (USA) On Soul Train 1975 @soultrainofficial #locking #locking4life #thelockers #soultrain

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