The latest news and results of Juste Debout Tour 2017

Juste Debout is one of the largest events in the Street Dance community. Created by Bruce Ykanji in 2001, what started as a small local event has expanded to become one of the foremost events in the calendar and is now internationally recognised and one of the most prestigious events on the scene. There are 4 main categories: Popping, Locking, House and Hip-Hop, each done in pairs. In addition to this there have been various side categories that have been introduced over recent years. These include Top Rock, Experimental, Dancehall and 2v2 Breaking.

For the main event there are 4 judges. One expert representing each style. These judges attend all the various qualifiers which are held around the world and this helps to maintain a consistency in judging for any given year. This year the line up features Boogaloo Kin(Korea) for Popping, Scoo B Doo(USA) for Locking, Ben(Germany) for Hip Hop and Kapela(France) for House. To reduce the occurrence of ties each expert has extra weighting for their particular style when that style is being performed.

On this 15th edition, the tour commenced in Sorocaba, Brazil in December and will be visiting 12 other countries until the final in Paris. We will keep you updated on the qualification winners. It’s that time again and we predict this will be another exciting year! In the following months, the internet will be flooded with footage from the qualifiers featuring new talent alongside established dancers. We expect a high level of participants so stay tuned to find out who will make it to the finals which will take place on March 5th, 2017 in the AccorHotels Arena.

The Qualifiers

The tour will cover 12 countries and 13 cities:

Sorocaba, Brazil – 18th Dec (Results below)
Shanghai, China – 2nd & 3rd Jan (Results below)
Tokyo, Japan – 5th Jan (Results below)
Geneva, Switzerland – 22nd Jan (Results below)
Napoli, Italy – 3rd & 4th Feb (Results below)
Amsterdam, Netherlands – 5th Feb (Results below)
Oslo, Norway – 10th & 11th Feb (Results below)
Toulouse, France – 12th Feb (Results below)
Düsseldorf, Germany – 18th Feb (Results below)
Bratislava, Slovakia – 19th Feb (Results below)
London, UK – 25th Feb (Results below)
Bilbao, Spain – 26th Feb (Results below)
Paris, France – 3rd, 4th & 5th March (Qualifier results below)

Latest Results

France (Qualifiers) 

Locking: Locking Khan & Locker HWA | Masato & CIO | Vovan & Funk J | Fire Lock & Hurrikane
Popping: Salah & Franqey | Hoan & Jaygee | Kid Boogie & Slim Boogie | Poppin C & Ness |
Hip-Hop: Marvin & Kefton | Funatsureo & Fujimoto Ikki | Niako & Ice E | Sam Yudat & Jimmy Yudat | 
House:  Mamson & Perlson | Hiro & Miyu | Dat Boi Troy & Clara | Meech & Lo aka the Centah |
Experimental: Babou Flex

Update: For House, Taichi & Omichi have taken the place of Mamson & Perlson due to injury. For Locking, William & Manny (Winners of Locking in Sweden) will not be participating due to family reasons.


Locking: Roger & Izaskun
Popping: Marvel & Breakz
Hip-Hop: Kamilla Lil K & Jade 
House: Jor.G & Misty-K
Experimental: Chey


Locking: Tomo & Inga Be
Popping: Brooke & Paris
Hip-Hop: Miracle & Beckz 
House: Frankie J & Toyin
Experimental: Mugi
Junior Dance Tour: Urban Slayer


Locking: Spunkey & Wahe
Popping: Fizzy & Dudya
Hip-Hop: Nastya & Andrew Stylez 
House: Alesya & Snow
Experimental: Kriss


Locking: Pancakes Bros
Popping: Funkformers
Hip-Hop: Majid & Ukay 
House: Afree House MTV
Experimental: Ruffy Flex

France (Toulouse)

Locking: Team rocket (Willow & Lounes)
Popping: Soul dynasty
Hip-Hop: The Shield 
House: Kwamé & Nalita
Dancehall: The Rebelz
Junior Dance Tour: Sarah


Locking: William & Manny
Popping: Funky Moe & Inox 
Hip-Hop: John Hope & Cedric
House: Odd Sweet & Raza
Experimental: Balder


Locking: Ghetto Funk 
Popping: Herrie & Cody
Hip-Hop: P-Dog & Franky D
House: Wesley & Hassani Xgen 
Experimental: Drosha


Locking: Go Go Sisters
Popping: Shorty & Boogiesa
Hip-Hop: Matt & Shot
House: Dange & Camou
Experimental: Cisky


Locking: Joel Brown & Zerbes
Popping: Phill Boog & Julien
Hip-Hop: Styles C & Diablo
House: Artzoul & Noodles
Experimental: Biscuit


Locking: Pog & Sho-Ri
Popping: Kite & Madoka (Former Action)
Hip-Hop: Yass & Yusei
House: Shuo & Hideki 
Experimental: Shunji 


Locking: Jay & Locking Dou
Popping: Journey & Tiro
Hip-Hop JC JUN & AK
House: Jackpot & Groove-M 
Experimental: Mikhail Makarov
Junior Dance Tour: Yu Wenle 


Locking: Black A & JP Black
Popping: Renanted & Jurandir
Hip-Hop: Emanu & Thiago
House: Hugo Campos & Michael Grijalva 
Experimental: Victor Hamamoto 

Photo by Eddy Laville I UNITE SUD

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