Freshest on the floor: the best outfits of March (JD Special)

Since 2002, Bruce Ykanji has organised the world famous dance event Juste Debout in Paris, France, almost every year. “Debout” dancers that are into battles, most likely follow every pre-selection to know who made it to the finals. A lot of dancers worldwide take inspiration for their dress style from their favourite dancers on the JD stage. Most likely, the same will happen this year, for better or worse, it’s still too early to say.

This is why we have decided that march will be a Juste Debout special for the freshest fits on this years stage. As we have said before, what you see is to be seen as inspirational and not copy-pasted. Just keep in mind, that clothing will not make you dance better and Adidas Rod Lavers are not magical sneakers either.

Ghetto Funk Collective Ruben Chi and Roche Apinsa – JD Holland Winner Locking

Their presence and dance made this year’s Locking one of the best parts of the evening to watch. Super sharp and historically precise, the outfits rewound us to the 70’s early beginnings of The Lockers locking on TV, especially on Soul Train. Bellbottomed pants, wing tip Oxfords, ethnic vests and tight turtlenecks were a trip back in time for some and a fashion learning history moment for others.  Always in character and with memorable performances, Roche and Chi gave us a night to remember.

Ikki and Leo From Japan- JD China Winner Hip Hop

Ikki and Leo, hailing from Japan, represented China where they won the preselection. These guys are no strangers to Juste Debout and probably came with some of the freshest tracksuit pieces of the event. The fits we have seen them wear are usually oversized but it matches their flow and technique pretty well. Since the first time we have noticed them at Juste Debout, they conquered our attention with their energy and their style. Brands that you can see them rocking in this picture are Adidas, Converse and Supreme.

Greenteck and Nelson – JD Slovakia and World Final Popping Winners

Congratulations to Greenteck and Nelson for taking the win in the world finals. They delivered a serving of pop, funk and class on the main stage. Like them or not, they are undeniably one of the best duos in the world and they know how to taunt their opponents. They went onto the stage wearing suit pieces in a likely homage to those of old, not so long ago, popping shows from The Electric Boogaloos, Demons of the Mind, PT-3000 and others. The fit of the suits aren’t as big as usual they sported more fitted suits. For shoes they were both rocking remakes from Hush Puppies that you can find, for instance at

Spunkey SK and Wahe CZK – JD Slovakia Locking Winners

We have to admit that the Lockers this year were really funky. The shirts Spunkey and Wahe are wearing have a really cool Asian theme produced in two colour-ways. The one we see in the photo and in pink which Wahe was wearing. Now on to the striped fire they had on their feet, a special newly released Adidas EQTs model that goes by the name of Bask ADV.

Stylez C Huey and Diablo brothers in Stala Muerte – Pre. JD Swiss Winners

A second year in the final and a second year making everyone do a standing ovation for their performance throughout the event. In the final they took the risk of using an accessory in a do or die combo that was for sure one of the highlights of the event. These guys have some of the strongest presences on that stage. We believe their usual All Black with a pinch of colour outfits are part of the reason they have such a visual impact. They are at the forefront of the new generation and they bring along new fashion trends. Both were wearing a track jacket from a brand called RX. For shoes, Diablo is wearing Nike Air Max 97 and Huey also a Nike Air model.

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All photos are Juste Debout Official Photos by Little Shao.