Freshest on the floor: the best outfits of January

As of this year at the beginning of every new month, we have decided to start a regular new section that focuses on highlighting dancer outfits in events all over the world. We will mainly be choosing outfits from battles and competitions. We think that fashion is a crucial part of the dance scene. It represents who you are as an individual, artist, dancer, crew, team…

Keep in mind that this is a “best of” so there will be a lot of subjectivity in the list. The dancers selected are not going to be just comprised of the winners of the events. If they happen to be, it is because all of their performance was on point and the choice of clothing could also have, with their ability, be involved in how they performed.

We will also try to gather information and update the article on where they got their pieces and brands. Reminder, this is not intended for you to copy/paste their style and dance but as a source of inspiration for you to create your own style. If you think we have missed something you can always tag us on Instagram #bybase #bybasefit.

Bboy Spin at the Undisputed World Finals

For our first mention, we really dug this tracksuit worn by Bboy Spin at the Undisputed World Finals. We are putting a link to his battle
here against Bboy Issei so you can check even better how nicely detailed this suit is. We reached out to Spin to know more about it and found that it was designed by him, his words were “I designed it to match my Huarache trainers color scheme and my mum made it from scratch. Went and bought the materials and done da ting”. By the way, that Nike Air Huarache is a model called Scream Green that was released back in 2014 and sold out really fast across Europe.

Dancer : @spin167
Event : @worldbboyseries Undisputed Bboy/Bgirl Finals San Diego
Photographer : @kienquanphotography

Sonya at KOD Paris

French dancer SonYa, from the incroyable women-only crew Bandidas, killed it with her dance and clothes choice at the preselection at KOD Paris. The oversized look fitted her really well. We asked SonYa where she got her picks from and she was happy to share it with us. The hat and the vest are from a vintage store near Place de La Republique in Paris, the trousers are from Zara and for shoes, she was wearing deep purple Converse Chuck Taylor high tops.

Dancer: @Sonyabb93 / @Bandidas_crew
Event: @KOD preselection Paris
Photographer: @yamidhr

Liss & Team Rocket at KOD Paris

Liss & Team Rocket with these pants, take the crown for the funkiest group of individuals at an event in the month of January. Individually styled by each member, at the front of this picture, we have Hakim with a crisp white choice combo.

Dancers : @hakim_hachouche, @willowevann, @lissfunk, and P.Lock / Liss + Team Rocket
Event : @KOD preselection Paris
Photographer : @yamidhr

Sharifa Tonkmor at Juste Debout London

We have seen her here and there and the one thing we feel is that she always seems to have a great sense of style which along with her energetic presence on the floor is a pleasure to watch. The checkered shirt and pants are from BBC – Billionaire Boys Club , plus the fanny pack and the black Nike Air Force 1 “Allover Print” make this a solid fresh out of 10.  There are two things that are noteworthy and need to be said. One, the fanny pack does a good job of breaking the look into top and bottom half and eases up the checkered pattern, the second is that it’s hard to mix two strong patterns but again the fanny pack helps with this issue also enhancing the Nike’s. It’s all in the details.

Dancer : @sharifa_tonkmor
Event : @justedeboutuk
Photographer : @theduke.ldn

Bgirl Ami at Undisputed San Diego

Bgirl Ami, Japanese dancer rocking the floor at Undisputed Finals, San Diego USA. This outfit was dope and on that floor and lights, her moves were clear and easy to be perceived. The movement of the clothes, while she was dancing, accentuated her flow and vibe on that battlefield.

Dancer : @gfc_ami
Event : @worldbboyseries Undisputed Bboy/Bgirl Finals San Diego
Photographer : @kienquanphotography

Mr.Baabee at Juste Debout Japan

Last but not least is Mr.Baabee from Japan. This colorful fit is just on point as was his team’s performance in Juste Debout Japan. This outfit is a mix of brands; Wilson, Kappa, and Vans. Usually, it’s a “Big No” in the older scene to be mixing sports brands but let’s be realistic here, most dancers aren’t brand sponsored or get paid to promote brands so who cares. His color combination was done right and fresh. It enhanced his playful persona while dancing, so that’s a plus in our book.

Dancer: @Mr.baabee
Event : JD JAPAN 2018
Photographer: @hamashow_works

If you think we have missed something you can always tag us on Instagram #bybase #bybasefit.