FitBase: High Performance Artist – Why every dancer needs to take this approach

There are numerous ongoing debates surrounding the categorization of dance. Some feel that dance is best categorized as a cultural activity, purists define it as an artistic expression outlet, and some consider it as a sports activity. This is not our focus at present. What is obvious is that at the highest levels of participation across the genres/ styles of dance, whether in artistic expression or competitive forms, the demands we dancers place on our bodies is in no way inferior to the demands placed on those participating in mainstream and extreme sports activities. 

Therefore, through this understanding that the artistic expression, and the athletic demands are inseparable, I have dubbed dancers as “High Performance Artists”.

Injury: “When” not “If”
Over the past 13 years as a Physiotherapist I’ve managed the treatment and rehabilitation of thousands of athletes (including many high performance dancers). It has been my experience that “sports injuries” are as widespread across the active population as the common cold. Therefore, the question is not about “If” you will get injured, but rather “When”.

Empowering Dancers
I believe that a dancer’s career is to be managed with as much care as is given to a professional athlete. This realization has lead me on a journey as a Physiotherapist and a dancer (Breaker) to share the ever progressive knowledge base in the field of Sports Science and empower dancers to take control and be best equipped to prevent injuries and learn the basics of how to self-manage injuries.

Start the Journey as a “High Performance Artist”
We’d like to invite you to start on a journey of discovery with ByBase’s team of Neuromusculoskeletal experts as we share and discuss topics relating to the health and well-being of dancers. 

We would love to hear from you if there are any specific areas of interest that you wish to be covered. In the meantime, stay tuned to ByBase for more on how to realize your potential as a “High Performance Artist”.

from Catch The Flava Breaking Camp