Ever wondered how Malcom X, Mahatma Ghandi, Bruce Lee and Albert Einstein influence young artists?

The intention behind Visionary Lifestyle Streetwear and t-shirt line is to bring a conscious awareness to streetwear. The new generation we see are stuck on skinny jeans and wearing brands that deliberately print up satanic designs on t-shirts in order to get that controversial conversation going about their brand, which turns to sales. It feels like most of these brands cater to the generation that likes commercial hiphop, pop and/or rock. This brand is intended for those who still love music and culture that has a meaning and a great message behind it.

Malcolm X
I’ve been inspired by all civil rights movement leaders. For this shirt in particular I wanted Malcolm X to represent strength. I know many people say MLK was stronger because he chose a non violent route, I agree but for some reason I always identified with Malcolm X more because of his fearless approach towards the movement.

Mahatma Ghandi
Ghandi for me represents peace and resilience. His leadership in the Indian independence movement is very honorable. Anyone standing up for their people and their country is extremely inspirational for me and many others. Ghandi organized a movement that was successful and he did so with compassion for others and the objective to move his people forward towards a British free reign.

Bruce Lee
Being a b-boy and growing up on Kung Fu (Martial arts) films as a kid, these films had a huge impact on me. Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan being some of my all time favorites. Bruce Lee for me was more than just a martial artist though. He was an actor, filmmaker, philosopher etc. Bruce for me represents the hard work ethic. My parents raised me with the importance of knowing a good work ethic gets you places. Bruce Lee is one of those people that confirmed those teachings for me.

Albert Einstein
A legend in modern Physics, Einstein represents brilliance. The brilliance to think ahead and create new lanes in the paradigm. Very similar to how we have to think as b-boys, to create mentally and make the moves come to light physically. Einstein has influenced the philosophy of science, which has changed the world forever. As human beings we should all strive for greatness as Einstein did.

– El Nino

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written by BBOY EL NINO