Donate to help Kwik & Rok rise from the ashes

Last month the apartment of Bboy and Bgirl couple, Ana Rokafella Garcia (Rok) and Gabriel Kwikstep (Kwik), was destroyed in a fire.  The couple had lived in their apartment for over two decades and it served as their office and place of business.  So they not only lost their home they lost their studio, Kwik Steps DJ equipment and congo drums, and irreplaceable photos, clothing and personal items.

A GoFund campaign has been set up by friends of the two beloved pioneers to help them get back on their feet and back to work.  The things they lost cannot be replaced but we hope to help them rebuild, live a little more securely in this time of need,  and show that as a community we are there for one another when needed.

Please follow the link below and donate what you can to the fund. Also please share this call to the dance community with other members and friends of our culture, to help spread the word and bring more support.