Donate to help Cros One get Bboy Zulu Rema a new pair of prosthetic legs

Chris Wright, aka Cros One, is the organiser of Freestyle Session, one of the biggest breaking competitions in the world, held in Los Angeles every year.  He recently came across Bboy Zulu Rema’s story when his sister sent him a BBC Three video clip about Rema, called, ‘Amazing Humans.’

Emeer Guesmi aka Bboy Zulu Rema, is a double amputee from Tunisia. When he was only 15 months old blood stopped flowing to his legs and the doctors decided to amputate them. He was given a pair of prosthetic legs but they were smashed when he was hit by a car a year ago. Having no legs, Rema learned how to walk on his hands and became very strong. Then a friend introduced him to breaking and like all of us dancers, he found a passion in the art of movement to music. With no legs he worked hard to find his own styles, and now wishes to travel the world and compete.

Rema has no money for new prosthetic legs, and doesn’t want to ask his father, as he feels that the money he earns is better used for his family’s needs.  So he dances on his hands and speaks to other amputees like himself, spreading a positive message to be ‘stronger than your disability,’ and to ‘overcome it. ‘Rema’s story immediately resonated with Cros One, and through his contacts in the dance scene he was able to contact Rema, tell the young dancer how inspiring his story was, and propose the Gofundme campaign.  Cros is now working hard to raise $10, 000 to buy the young Bboy new prosthetic legs.

Over $3,000 has already been raised and artwork has been pledged to the cause, to go to the highest donation.  Cros is also working on trying to bring Rema to an international event and start off his dreams of travelling and competing. ByBase would like to ask you to please follow the link below to learn more about the campaign, see Zulu Rema’s story, and donate whatever you can to the cause.

Photo by Yassine Alaoui Ismaili