Videos of the month: April

NBA – Not Babies Anymore

A video of the new upcoming talent, NBA Dance Talent. They are a hand-picked group of young dancers all under the age of 18. They come from all over the world. The group was put together by Kiudee who manages the STRITER blog, she is one of the first Hip-Hop dance bloggers in Europe. Dancers featured: Rubix (Criminalz) Mès (Ghost Flow) Mathis Kellyan (Cergy Style) Cartoon (Street Flow) Namu (Cergy Style)

OBS, Taiwan – Popping Judge Demos

Enjoy Popping judge showcase at OBS in Taiwan by Bionic Man, Walid & Kite. These guys are veterans in the Poppin game and show the world why that is so!


This is the second video of the series by Joker from, the talented, Yudat crew based in France. The project is called “KNDRCK PRJKT” (Kendrick Project) and is dedicated to the American rapper Kendrick Lamar who inspires Joker as a person & as an artist. Video edited and directed by Alexinho Mougeolle. Dancers: Amely Mels, Maxime Pliya, Munio, Anissa, Lauren, Leandro, Akira, Jimmy and Samuel. Music by Jarreau Vandal

Zizoe & Wahe

Czech’s most iconic dance couple Wahe and Zizoe made it into the Fundus – Prague’s film and television wardrobe and got inspired by the vibe of it. Video by Tomasfilm.

Toyin & Frankie J

In a stunning location in Shorditch, London, we have the House dance couple Frankie J & Toyin showing the world their house feeling and connection when dancing together. Video by The Duke.

Photography: The Duke