Videos of the month: September

The French in Brazil

France’s top-tier dancers paid a visit to the Favelas in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and put together a short video which portrays the vibe of Favelas along with some local dancers.

Dancers Featured: Nelson, KeftonBoubou, ChakalT-SiaMarvin.

Toys Come to Life

The, London-based, dance group “Promotion” put together a concept idea that brings toys to life using robot & animation style. Each dancer has taken on a different type of toy which has its own unique personality.

Dancers featured: BreakzBrookeMarvelHarry PopperRikoshay & Shawn.

Pursuing Your Passion

B-boy D-Prank , from Limassol in Cyprus, put together this video documentary to inspire and motivate dancers to pursue their dreams and follow their passion in face of hardship. D-Prank talks about the fear, cultural and social obstacles he came across to not pursue dance as a profession.

Filmed & Edited by Nikolas Ayre

B-boy Cloud

The, award-winning, B-boy Cloud showcases his talent on stage at B.B.I.C KOREA (Bucheon B-boy International Championship) with this energetic, animated/robotic theme infused with his, high-level, breaking talent. Watch Little Shao on the keys carefully!

Water Leak

A very entertaining judge solo by the internationally recognised & respected B-boy Storm. In the solo he plays with the concept of a water leak & combines a vast range of techniques and moves from Locking, Popping and Breaking to create this masterpiece.

Photogrpahy: Enfants Prodiges



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