Videos of the month: November

Happy Halloween

Pause Eddie, a Chicago Footwork dancer,  says that this video was inspired by “The Return of Michael Myers” Chicago footwork video that was visioned by Desmond Owusu and directed by Troy from Chicago which was released two years ago today. Paul wanted to make a video with his team and include more Halloween characters that everyone grew up watching and was terrified of. Watch if you dare!

Adrenalin by the Ruggeds

The Ruggeds trade the battle realm for the stage in their theatre debut, exploring the craving for Adrenaline in our society. This piece is filled with risk, acrobatics and spontaneity. Their personal relationship to this performance comes from their Breaking. Entrenched in drum rhythms and battle environments, they channel it to explore the boundaries of what is physically possible. Drums prove to be, once again, one of the main sources of inspiration as the original music flows through genres like Jungle, Hip-Hop, House, and Break-beats. Staying true to their heritage, The Ruggeds bring their skills from years of honing their craft to the theatre.

Luciano & Jeems

This piece was choreographed and performed by Luciano and Jeems from Holland for Orokana Friends Workshops which are held every few months. Orokana Friends is a Dutch social media platform that works mainly with young dancers. These young-guns show us the skills of the next, upcoming, generation.

“Bitter Dream”

This video is a spoken word piece, “Bitter Dream”, which was made into a very powerful video. Congolese-German artist and dancer Flockey Ocscor teamed up with the Canadian jazz group BADBADNOTGOOD to create the music for the piece. The piece moves through disparate, opposing and reinforcing scenes that illustrate a striking picture of the beauty and horror of humanity. Flockey says that this piece is very personal to him, it is a stand for Congelese culture and that it is a reflection of what his family has experienced.

Filmed by Christopher Behrmann, David Füsgen, and Amir Quadahi and directed by Flockey.

Disciples x Diabolo Collaboration

This video is a collaboration between the talented German dancers Kid Tight EyezMajid2Face and Franky dee and a Diabolo artist from Taiwan, Chi Han. They were acquainted whilst performing together in Wolfsburg, for a modern circus show and recorded this piece during their time together.

Photography: Christopher Behrmann