Videos of the month: February

This month we are dedicating our “Videos of the Month” article to the Juste Debout 15th Anniversary Tour. These videos are our selection of the best judge showcases of the entire tour & our favourite battle of the tour! Enjoy!

Kapela – House Dance judge

Kapela, from the crew Wanted & Serial Steppers, is an inspirational House dancer who deserves a seat on this panel. He won Juste Debout in the House category in 2016 with his Brother Frankwa.

Boogaloo Kin – Popping judge

Kin, from South Korea, is another Juste Debout winner on the panel. He won the Popping category in 2014 alongside Hozin. He brings that cool Popping flavour every time.

Scoo B Doo – Locking judge

Jimmy “Scoo B Doo” foster is part of Locking’s DNA. He is one of the earliest and the creator of the “Scoo B Doo” dance step. At 65 years old he has shown us that there is no limit.

Ben Wichert – Hip-Hop judge

Ben is also a previous winner of Juste Debout. He won the 2012 final in the Hip-Hop category with Salas representing the Legion X crew. He is part of the new generation that put Germany at the forefront of this category.

Age is just a number!

Even though we do not publish battles, this extra video in our selection is the perfect showcase of what every event aims for! High quality dancing, great audience and of course lots of fun. Bamboo Shoot against Ghetto Funk at Juste Debout Amsterdam!

Photography by Eddy Laville