Videos of the month: December

King Charles’s and musicality at its finest 

Check out King Charles’s Chicago Footwork demo from “I Love This Dance“. Each guest must perform a solo demo before battling one other guests. The dancers then battle to their own selected song and their opponent’s song.

Song by Yussef Kamaal – Strings of Light

YAK Dance Life

Another great music video from YAK Films for the song “Bounce Back” by Big Sean. Their video, as per usual, features a range of talented dancers showcasing their stuff!

Dancers featured: Havoc Marche, Aliyah Ali, Bboy Lil Crabe, Les Twins (Laurent, Larry), Finger Circus (Nemesis, Pnut, Ctut, Strobe), Turf Feinz (Dreal, Tee Seven, Garion aka Noh Justice), A Step Beyond (Roya the DestRoya, Kokoro Modja Tbb, Freezer Beat, Alexander Diaz, Jesus Presinal)

Different Places all the way from Slovakia

One of the finest Slovakian dancers Otec Mirec, B-boy Romski & Spunkey BKP representing their own styles in the streets of Bratislava over the Grime track  “3-Wheels up” by Kano.

Who’s Bad?!

This video is sure to make you smile and feel nostalgic! A fantastic homage to Micheal Jackson by the London based company ProDance. The team, which has some of the UK’s most talented Street Dancers, have made their version of the Micheal Jackson music video for the song “Bad”.

Lilou Meets B-Boy Soso | BC One Meets

Lilou travels to France to meet with longtime top BC One competitor Soso and see him in his element: working with his hometown crew, Melting Force. Soso is like a brother to younger B-boys, coaching them in dance and in life.