Become part of the ByBase Team!

Hey everyone!

First we would like to apologise for our quiet period over the summer. We have been working on our new website and fixing the bugs in the app (hopefully it wont be crashing as much from now on). We would like to be really transparent with you about the way this project is developing.

Right now, we have a few editors around the world that will start writing on a regular basis. However, ByBase is looking for editorial creatives to join our international team. You will serve as an integral part of our growing team and help further the growth, reach and cultural impact of ByBase.

Am I suitable for this?

  •  You are active on the scene (dancer, photographer, videographer, host, choreographer, organiser, designer, promoter…)
  • Your knowledge of the culture allows you to differentiate irrelevant from relevant information and determine whether the source of your information is credible or not
  • You are up-to-date with what’s happening on the scene in the sphere you want to specialise in
  • You are proficient in written and spoken English
  • You are organised enough to meet your own and our deadlines
  • You understand that we do not promote the work of our friends but only publish content that is relevant internationally

What will you do?

You will be writing articles. It is as simple as that. This requires no previous experience in writing, we will try to teach you how to express your thoughts and knowledge via words by providing you with constant feedback. We value interest in learning over experience.

Writing an article consists of:

  • finding a topic and discussing it with Chief Editor (at the beginning, until we build trust)
  • writing the content and a good title
  • finding pictures that are not only illustrative but informative
  • finding the source/s of all of your pictures and information if necessary
  • posting articles in the online CMS system (Content Management System) – no worries, it’s easy
  • sending finished articles to the Chief Editor for grammar check
  • promoting your article (this is optional, we will do it for you regardless)

 What is the content?

 Our range differs, but very briefly, we have the following categories:

Music – New releases, new mixtapes, music to train to…
People – Interviews with dancers, artists, designers, photographers, videographers, hosts, organisers, promoters… and basically anyone who is relevant in our culture and has an interesting story to share.
News – Who has won the latest international battle, who has been announced to be teaching at an international dance kemp, new online competitions that everyone can join? We also have a videos of the month section that could grow into anything…
Knowledge – History of a dance style or a music genre. Throwbacks, most memorable battles, moments in history that every dancer should know…
Fashion – Latest fashion trends, new releases, best outfits, rod-lavers back in sale…
Health and Fitness – Although we have a Chief Editor for this section, we would always like to expand this area as well.  This section is focused on health of dancers such as injury prevention, food, exercise tips, stretching tips, research etc…
Other – If you have an idea for an article that does not fit any category, we could easily create one for it. There is always an opportunity for testing products (headphones, speakers), tips and tricks for traveling, planning a trip, social media advice, how to organise and/or promote your event…

What is in it for me? 

As we said, we want to be really transparent about the project. We have not started generating any revenue, in other words this is not a paid job. For now. The whole team behind ByBase is doing it for free focusing on the growth of the scene. We all believe that it is going to be huge and eventually become a well paid position. At the moment we can offer you tickets to events all around the world and we are negotiating with other partners that will offer us their products.

Because this is not a paid job, there are no strict deadlines or specific amounts of  work you have to produce. We all love what we do and hopefully you will as well.

 What do I have to do to become part of the team? 

We would like you to write a paragraph about who you are. In this case we are looking at the content of this as well as the structure of your writing. It does not matter how long it is, if you can introduce yourself in 2 sentences and make it sound interesting, so be it.

Then we would like you to write the TITLES of 5 articles that you think you would like to read and the TITLES of 5 articles that you think you could write. This is for us to see if you are on the same page as us and understand what ByBase is about.

Please send all of this information to subject – BYBASE TEAM and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like to include any additional information, feel free. We promise we will read everything.

And one more thing, please do not be formal 🙂

photo by: Dominik Czubak 
dancer: Bboy Admir