Batalla: “Everybody would have their own way of dressing if they would just be themselves”.

Style is something very personal and it undoubtedly influences our daily lives as much as it does our dance. Having said that, we decided to start asking dancers about their thoughts on this topic and how it influences them. We will be bringing you a monthly Q&A with various artists from the scene and their thoughts on style, dance, their favourite things to buy and places to shop.

For the first interview we spoke to Batalla. We chose him for his very characteristic and distinguishable style. Chilling is above all his thing and that is exactly the feeling we got when we were hanging out with him and Marcio Ratinho at Juste Debout Bratislava. They just won the preselection in 2vs2 Hip Hop and secured a spot in the world finals in Paris. Marcio was sitting behind us on the couch watching the last episode of Stranger Things, something that despite the day he had gone through, he was dying to do before packing and sleeping.

I am sitting with Batalla looking at their trophies, he was tired but happy about what they had just achieved. Turn on the recorder and we start.

Budhha: Hey, thank you so much for joining us today. For starters, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?  

Batalla: Yo what’s up! My name is Batalla, I’m 25 years old living in Germany. Grew up in Colombia and moved to Germany when I was 11. Yeahhh, for now, I’m a dancer doing this since I was a kid and started studying urban dances 12 years ago.

Event: @Summerdanceforever
Photographer: @littleshao

Do you feel your dance is influenced by the way you dress?
Of course. I think yeah, my dance is influenced by the way I dress. I think we all choose a certain way to dress and this fits our dance somehow… or we feel our dance in a certain way according to how we dress.

Is it important for you to look a certain way when battling/partying/training?
Actually, when I just practice my dance I wear clothes the same as when I battle because I want to feel comfortable, but I definitely wear different ones when I go to a party. I wouldn’t wear the same things I’m wearing to a battle and then to a party. Hahahaha. I like to wear my everyday clothes kind of the same clothes that I like to dance with because I usually practice in different moments so I don’t want to be like now I go to practice so have to go change clothes.

You never know when you will want to bust a move…
Exactly so that’s why my everyday clothes are kind of my practice clothes.

When you are judging, does the style of a dancer influence your opinions?
No. I’m not judging the way the people dress. I just judge their dance or better to say the moment, not their dance in general. I don’t care about how they dress, in the end I just judge the move and how it looks and of course, it will be different if the pants are tighter than if they are baggier but I just judge how it looks for me.

Event: Me Against the World Dusseldorf
Photographer: @sunygt

Where do you draw inspiration for your outfits?
Hmmm. I don’t know it’s not like I watch something and then say to myself: “awwww I’m gonna make my style in this way”. No it’s not like that, but after some time you always change something about your current style.

What would you consider to be your personal style signifier?
My towel… since I started to dance and on my first battle I always had one towel. Its really like I can’t dance without it, that’s the funny thing… If I forget the towel  I will be like F!#$k can someone lend me a towel ?!?!?

Event: @Justedebout_officiel Bratislava Preselection
Photographer: @milopele

Do you have a favorite shop/brand? What was the last thing you bought and loved?
As for my favorite brand, I would say I like a lot of stuff from Carhart. It’s a brand that I really enjoy because they have a lot of simple good quality working clothes and what I bought last… not so long ago I was in New York and I went to a second-hand store where I bought a lot of stuff. It was really nice, I loved what I bought there.

Is there a shop in Frankfurt where you live, that you feel is like your go-to shop?
Not really, Frankfurt has some nice shops but they are kind of expensive.

Do you prefer new clothes or vintage and thrift shops? Do you invest a lot of money into clothing or do you think of it as a waste?
I stopped buying new things. But before I used to spend money on a lot of new stuff and I wanted to get the latest drops but now I’m just comfortable wearing cheap clothes that are really nice and that I find worthy. It happens that it is mostly in second-hand stores somehow. The only thing I don’t buy vintage is jeans. I want them to fit perfectly. I used to spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes even more. Yet I stopped I think it’s not necessary to have so much, it’s nice of course when you have a lot but when it comes to the point when you can wear brand new clothes every day it’s too much.

Have you ever made your own clothes/had them made for you?
Not really but I like to get patches and add them to jackets.  But I guess it’s not like I’m sitting there and making my own T-shirts from scratch.

Would you give any style advice to the others?
Search for something that you really like, that you feel comfortable in. I think everybody would have their own way of dressing if they would just be themselves.

Photographer @brunopapic

Thank you for doing this interview with us bro, we wish you all the best for Paris and in life both to you to Marcio.

Marcio – Bro thank you and hermanos,  I’m even more happy now that I finished this season and I’m ready for the next one. (Referring to Stranger Things season 1).

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