August Treats: latest discoveries, handpicked new releases & mixtapes

Staying true to the habit of doing a little round up at the end of each month we’re once again appreciating the sound of August with the latest ByBase selection of hot new releases, fresh mixtapes and special treats in this space. Join us, press play and look back on all the goodies this month has graced us with. There’s definitely been some heat(!)

And boy has there been heat. Lots of powerful singles, with Mura Masa & NAO, Silk City feat. GoldLink & Desiigner and Phony Ppl on the uplifting vibrant summer daydream side. DRAM doing justice to the cover of Andre 3000’s Prototype track, EPMD’s Erick Sermon serving a 2nd portion of the Green Eyed Remixes and Leon Bridges‘ Vibe Tape-mix of Beyond on the tasteful edit side. To fortify the R&B frequencies, H.E.R. is keeping it smooth & snazzy as always on the As I Am single (“Aye Brooklyn”) just as April + Vista, Ella Mai, Summers Sons and Masego are. Bas feat. J.Cole, Ivy Sole, Evil Needle, Young M.A. and Aminé on the headnod side, baby, it’s goodness. On top of all that, Travis Scott dropped ASTROWORLD on us, Mac Miller Swimming (wooh), Nicki Minaj Queen and the last night of the month, Slim Shady released a surprise Kamikaze project (like what?). Just in time before the curtain is drawn on summer & we move on towards bit more gloomy bunch of seasons, would you please make sure you clap along to Calvin Valentine & Illa J Vhs one time. The future of good music is in great hands. Yeah.

All of the above and then some is gathered in our ByBase Treats playlist on Spotify. This playlist is updated at the beginning of each month, so you can feel free to press play, hit the link to follow along and stay up to date on our monthly selection of the best singles and album cuts from today’s mountain of releases. Stay tuned, for there’s always more to come.

It’s only fair to say that well-put-together DJ sets play a critical role in making sense of the music that’s available out there. Finding connections between the present and the past, taking us on a journey through the known & unknown, often offering brand new perspective and inspiration. This month there have been a couple of new ones that stuck with us.
Snoopadelic & Green Lantern

Snoop Dogg‘s alter ego DJ Snoopadelic linked with DJ Green Lantern and put together a bomb set filled with classics that got remixed specifically for this continuous mix. Heavy funk vibes on here!!!

Children of Zeus BOILER ROOM performance

Fresh off the back of their debut album, the pride of Manchester, street soul masters Children of Zeus made a welcomed return to the Boiler Room. The ill vibe was strongly present at Ballantine’s True Music Hybrid Sounds show in Valencia, Spain. Smooth healing sounds.

Vunky Lao – illusion is the new reality

Taking you on a journey through different frequencies & vibes, mixing old with new, creating connecting atmospheres that will leave you with warm and joyful sensation is the infamous music-loving and dedicated ‘soulector’ Vunky Lao from Germany. What is reality anyway? 😉

DJ Smirnoff & Scream

DJ Smirnoff & DJ Scream have cooked up an official mixtape curated especially for the Green Panda Festival taking place in Beijing, China this October.  Get busy to these 30-minutes of freshness, good vibes & skillfully selected breaks by these two legends.

Aretha Franklin Tribute Mix

Last, but not least. Spontaneous, heartfelt and wonderfully put-together Aretha Franklin Tribute Mix by Twit One, recorded live on the very day the Queen of Soul passed away. RIP Aretha. Thank you for sharing your soul & spirit with the world. <3


To the tick tock ya don’t stop! Black Eyed Peas is back on their 90’s shit with Constant Part 1 & 2. Their latest track features the new singer Jessica Reynoso and the one-and-only eye-patched MC Slick Rick, also making a cameo in the clip. Hip hop turned 45 this August 11th and it is beautiful and humbling to see that the original pure spirit of the culture is still keeping it growing strong to this very day. Another exciting release from BEP‘s upcoming project Masters of the Sun. Bravo.

Feel free to share the love & hit us up with what’s been catching your ears these days, we’re always on the look-out for new music and we’d love to hear from you.

Cover photo by: Corey Blaz