Our projects:

ByBase is a young startup company that consists of several smaller projects all focused on the growth of the street dance scene.

We created ByBase Magazine, because we felt like there is no reliable source that provides dancers with up-to-date information on regular bases. Every time someone is new to the scene, they have nowhere to go for a comprehensive body of information. We are aiming to put together editors from all over the world, so everyone can have their local and global information at one spot.

ByBase App is a platform that gives dancers an opportunity to access all of the information from their phone. The main feature is an events calendar, that can be filtered by the preference of each dancer. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not working as we would have hoped. Please be patient as we are really working hard to fix it.

Emerging from the magazine, ByBase Talks was held at The Notorious IBE. It was series of talks focused on different topics all related to dance. Due to a great feedback, we will be continuing to bring more talks and discussion at multiple events.

ByBase Events is a project that was unplanned and grew spontaneously. Our team has been traveling to a lot of events and because we are usually helping at the local ones, few organisers have asked us to help internationally as well. So we simply help their events flow smoother. We can work on-site and off-site. From helping with online campaign and social media strategy to stage managing and artist handling. We can even do a live stream commentary. Anything you need, just let us know.

 Meet our forever growing team:

Sarah / Founder
Alper / Co-Founder
Spunkey / Graphics
Dj Renegade / Advisor
Ela / ByBase Events
Barry / FitBase
Manny / Editor
KayTee / Editor
Pride / Editor
Join us!

 We have been working with projects like:

 And recieved great feedback:

" Sarah and Ela (ByBase Events) are special girls with the special ability to solve any issue or a problem. It is a pleasure to cooperate with them every single time. They always do their job better than expected. Both of them can work hard and are 100% reliable. We are thankful for their passion, drive and feeling for The Legits Blast and Outbreak Europe Brand. We appreciate their support and are more than happy to work with them all the time. "
Miroslav "MK" Krizan
Co-founder of The Legits

  For any questions and suggestions, write us at: